Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Newsflash: We have named the baby!!

Howdy ya'll -

It took us two days, but we finally decided on a name for our new little dude: Brody Alexander Nisbet

We had to spend an extra day in the hospital (where the food was great this time but who wants to sit in a hospital for two days!!) to make sure some tests for little Brody came out OK but finally were able to bring him home Monday night.

Stylin' BroMan!!

There was a big wind storm as we brought him back to the house, and an hour after we arrived all the power went out! So we huddled around the fire for a while, and when it looked like it wasn't going to come back on any time soon, grabbed some extra blankets and went to bed. Power finally came back around 8 AM, just in time for breakfast and hot showers!

Camden is enjoying his new little brother, and has been very sweet to him (so far!). He wants one of us to hold the baby when he cries and has hunted down the binky when we've asked him to. Aside from a little jealousy, Camden has been a real trooper as I know this will be a difficult transition for him.

I could not be more pleased with Camden and his growing love for his little brother - I really love my boys!!

As for Mommy, she is settling into the reality of midnight feedings, no sleep, crying babies, poopy diapers, etc - all the usual baby stuff. Good thing she has Camden around to help her????

We are really looking forward to having Brody here and to the wonderful challenges that are ahead for us.
Stay tuned for more to come......

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Jenni said...

I'm glad you guys settled on Brody - I think it fits him! And rock on for choosing Alexander. Now Taylor and Brody have an instant bond already.

Erika you look amazing for just giving birth! And isn't it great getting up all night long again? I was just, whatever, I wasn't sleeping very well the last 4 weeks of pregnancy anyway so this is no worse.

Cute photos! Congrats you guys! Don't forget we're bringing you dinner on Sat.